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For assistance with the RIW app, desktop support, or competency validation, please reach out to us at 1300 101 682 or via email at



The RIW App is used by Access Controllers and Spot Checkers for card scanning in the field. Access is granted by the primary employer on your RIW profile.
Track Force Protection Coordinators and Project Managers have ‘Access Controller’ status; Work Group Supervisors have ‘Spot Check only’ access.
For assistance, contact RIW at 1300 101 682 or
MTM employees should contact their local RIW administrator.

The Vircarda App stores and manages an individual’s virtual RIW card securely on their smart device.

How do I download the RIW App?
How do I download the Vircarda App?
RIW App for Access Controllers
RIW App for Spot Checkers

App and device type
Apple iOS - RIW App
Apple iOS - Vircarda App
Android - RIW App
Android -Vircarda App
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